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Hawaii Ash Scattering at Sea

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Honokohau Harbor Departure All Ages, Up to 24 People
Kailua-Kona Pier Departure Honokohau Harbor Departure

Spreading Ashes in Hawaii

Ash scattering at sea has been an attractive alternative to other forms of interment for many generations. A return to nature, love of the sea, wishes of the deceased, a nautical background, conservation of land space, are just some of the reasons for selecting ash scattering at sea for the final disposition of cremated remains.

We are honored to have been providing this service for families since 1996. To be there for our guests during this time is truly touching. We approach each scattering with reverence, respect, and compassion. Each one is unique and can be tailored to the wishes of the deceased and their family and friends. We have enough experience with ocean ash scatterings to insure a seamless and pleasant memorial at sea.

Our mission is to provide a respectful and fond farewell to your loved one without inflated expenses. We offer a flat rate for a 50-minutes ash scattering on our custom-built glass bottom boat. You may book additional hour(s) if you feel you will need more time or would like to travel to a location that will require more time. The boat is covered and provides the perfect venue for a touching celebration of life. We can accommodate up to 24 passengers. We do have a head (restroom on board). You may bring your own food and drinks (including alcohol). You may also bring your music device to plug into our sound system. We often can help to procure flowers for you at an additional fee, otherwise you are welcome to bring your own. We will provide a cooler with ice and drinking water.

Let us know if you would like one of the glass bottom boxes to be transformed into a table for food and drinks and/or to place flowers and pictures. Our daytime scatterings usually depart from the Kailua Kona Pier. If you prefer a scattering at sunset these usually depart from the Honokohau Harbor and will return to the harbor just after sunset. See the Sunset private charter option to book this time slot, and please make a note that it will be an ash scattering.

We recently utilized Glassbottom Boat (GB) to do an Ash scattering and remembrance of my father. This was on a choppy February morning and the GB folks risked coming out of the harbor to pick us up at the pier so we could do the ceremony. This alone went above and beyond our expectations. Our little group also received a personal tour and explanation of the reef as we headed out to sea. Everyone was in awe of the colors and sights and our guide Amy answered our questions expertly. The extra choppiness of the water made a couple of us queasy and both Amy and the Captain regaled us with fun stories and remedies to make us feel better. They made a very emotional time a cherished memory. We were able to send the ashes and our plumerias out to sea in a fond farewell. The entire experience was magical. Amy rounded out the beautiful experience by sending us the GPS coordinates so we could go back and visit anytime. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. There is knowledge, caring, and reverence with these folks. I highly recommend them.

– Warrior Poet | Google

We booked the Glass Bottom Boat to take out our family and scatter my wife's ashes. Amy is quite experienced at doing this, she had a number of good ideas to make the experience more meaningful for the family, and she and the captain were VERY respectful of our need to talk and remember my wife on our own, without strangers over-looking. All went as planned, we found a beautiful spot, my wife's sister read a poem and I said a few words and then Amy had the captain back the boat into the wind, so that the ashes when dropped went out ahead and away from the boat (Not back in our faces!!) We then circled the ashes slowly while family dropped flowers in and music played. Afterwards, Amy took us to a reef and we spent time enjoying the fish and coral and learning all sorts of interesting things---- an activity my wife would have greatly appreciated and our family enjoyed. I would STRONGLY recommend Glass Bottom Boat company for this kind of activity!!

– Bob F | Tripadvisor

After a terrible experience with another vendor, we chose Kona Glassbottom Boat for our mother's ash scattering. They handled it with a kindness, sympathy and professionalism. The boat was clean and perfect for our group of 12. And it even cost us considerably less than the other vendor. Highly recommend!

– Pia Srivastava | Google

We chartered this gorgeous boat for our family's private ash scattering ceremony to Keauhou Bay.. The owner and Captain were friendly, professional and gave us the quiet space needed as well as filmed the scattering and provided us with the coordinates for keepsake.

– Brenda Boone | Google

Eden, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your kindness and willingness to host us for our ash scattering. Not only was it last minute and accommodated us but you were amazing. Not only did you give us guidance on a situation we’ve never been in but you made it very memorable for us. From the time we called to book until our follow up email everything was done with care and explained perfectly. Next visit we will be doing a tour!!

– Kennedy Lee | Google