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Celebrate 4th of July with a Glassbottom Boat Cruise • including Sunset, Fireworks and BYOB!

4th of July Fireworks, Sunset & Night Glassbottom

1.45 Hours • Kailua-Kona Pier

Celebrate Fourth of July aboard the Kona Glassbottom boat!

Watch the sunset as you nibble on complementary snacks and sip on your own BYOB beverages. Our underwater viewing windows will give you a glimpse of the reef as the daytime creatures tuck away for the night and the nighttime ones begin to wake. This cruise will end with a bang as the sky lights up with fourth of July fireworks over Kailua Bay.


  • Snacks, soft drinks, water and ice.

BYOB Exclusions: Please no drinking out of glass (glass wine bottles are okay as long as wine is consumed out non-glass container). We suggest you bring your own cooler. No drinking for those under 21. We reserve the right to “cut off” anyone overly intoxicated. No open containers or consumption of alcohol is allowed on the pier.